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Happy Social Work Month

March is Social Work Month

Each March is Social Work Month, a time to celebrate the dedicated people who work in this field. At Anchor House, we celebrate all the social workers on our staff for the empathy and care they show our youth each and every day. We are also fortunate to have the opportunity to work with interns at Anchor House who are pursuing a career in social work.

One of our interns, Ashley Castro, a graduate student at Rutgers School of Social Work, shared her perspective for this blog post:

Social Work Month honors and recognizes the contributions of social workers to society, particularly to highlight the role social workers play in promoting social justice, empowerment, and overall well-being across diverse populations. The celebration of Social Work Month aims to raise awareness, acknowledge achievements, advocate for the profession, promote professional development, and encourage collaboration.

Social work in the context of our youth Shelter involves the application of social work principles and practices to address the needs of the youth experiencing homelessness. Our Case Managers play a crucial role as supporters and advocates for the youth.

Social work contributes to Anchor House through our intake procedures, case management, advocacy, crisis intervention, access to resources, and collaboration with the community. Our case management permits the collaboration between youth and staff to develop individualized plans to address housing and other essential needs. In addition, our staff connects youth and families with available resources and coordinates services. This requires our staff to work with government agencies, healthcare providers, and community organizations to address barriers experienced by youth. Overall, our staff exhibits exceptional social work qualities as they provide counseling, teach life skills, and offer support to build resilience.

It is not only important but necessary to have staff who are pursuing careers as social workers. They have a foundational understanding of the social work principles, ethics, and values. This contributes to the mission-driven culture here at Anchor House. They undergo formal education and training to prepare them for assessment, intervention, case management, and advocacy. With the use of learned evidence-based approaches and theoretical knowledge, social work students are prepared to address the needs of their clients. Those in the social work field are likely to be committed to addressing systemic issues contributing to inequalities experienced by vulnerable populations.

Ashley shared this quote as she felt it was highly relatable to the social work profession and also in celebration of Women’s History Month:

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”
–Shirley Chisholm, First African-American Congresswoman

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